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Our spaces

The Casa Benigalip complex is divided into 7 functional spaces and 2 service areas.

The main space, at the very heart of the entire complex, is the Casa Benigalip, surrounded by two spacious gardens, the Olive Tree Garden and the Main Garden. Adjacent to the main garden is the multifunctional space Albero & Stone, which in turn faces the large Outdoor Pergola.

Other available spaces include the chill-out area, the interior patio, the parking areas, the farm and the agricultural fields.

We understand that on special days everything has to be perfect and just the way you want, which is why at Casa Benigalip everything has been designed to offer you nothing but the very best



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Ground floor. Your meeting place

From the moment visitors step through the front door, they are greeted with thick stone walls, wooden beams, traditional farming implements and wood-burning fireplaces, all matched with cool furniture, elegant décor and the very latest technological fittings.

A small Christian chapel, two comfortable halls, a designer kitchen and an interior patio comprise the building's ground floor, the perfect meeting place to plan some of the activities on offer at the house, spend a pleasant evening, or just to relax and read a good book.

The guest rooms

Visitors can choose from the house's eight guest rooms located on the first and second floors; ranging from the most simple bedroom to a luxury suite with a Jacuzzi.

Rest, tranquillity and harmony with the environment. These are the three principles ruling our quality policy here at Casa Benigalip.

Your second home

A room doesn't necessarily just have to be a place to sleep in, it should be like a second home, your own home from home.

To achieve this we have opted for excellent comfort, exquisite décor and all the elements you could possibly need to make your stay with us a unique and singular experience.


Main Garden

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The ideal setting for your outdoor events

The Mulberry Tree Garden is located on the west side of Casa Benigalip. It is the most notable garden in the complex, where a lush green avenue is presided over by hundred-year-old mulberry trees.

This is one of our most versatile spaces and can accommodate all types of outdoor events such as weddings, family celebrations or corporate occasions.

Event Area

  • Surface area: 5000 m 2
  • No. of diners: 450 pax
  • No. of guests for cocktail reception: 1000 pax

Cocktail Area

  • Surface area: 472 m 2
  • No. of guests for cocktail reception: 350 pax

Olive Tree Garden

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The lawn has the largest surface area in the complex

One of Casa Benigalip's first ever uses as a Roman villa in the 3rd century AD was cultivating olives and olive oil production.

The olive tree garden, located by the main entrance, is a versatile space due to its large size. It is the biggest lawn in the complex and can be used for hosting games and a children's area, or for large-scale outdoor corporate events.

  • Surface area: 8000 m 2
  • No. of diners: 850 pax
  • No. of guests for cocktail reception: 2000 pax

Outdoor Pergola

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Created for hosting any type of indoor event

The complex's large outdoor pergola is situated to the west of Casa Benigalip, next to the main garden.

With a roof and glass walls, the pergola has a large capacity, ideal for hosting any type of indoor family or corporate event.

In the event of any sudden changes in weather, the pergola offers the possibility to relocate any event scheduled to take place outside, to the inside.

  • Surface area: 650 m 2
  • No. of diners: 400 pax
  • No. of guests for cocktail reception: 700 pax
  • Equipment: Catering office, toilets, background music facilities.

Albero & Stone

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The place where your reception starts to become special

Undoubtedly one of the most enchanting areas the complex has to offer, with a flat surface surrounded by large quarry stones that act as improvised tables, for hosting cocktail or welcome receptions, or even informal stand-up dinners.

History, tradition and one of the most enchanting areas in Casa Benigalip

Situated to the north of the house, next to the main garden, it is the perfect place to organise part of your family or corporate event in the open air.


Other Spaces

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Indoor Patio

Interior Patio

Located at the back of Casa Benigalip, this surface offers 300 m2 of space, with a teak floor flanked by stone walls, it is the perfect location to relax and enjoy the tranquillity of the surrounding environment.


Parking area

Located east of the main entrance, this space offers 10,000 m2 to accommodate over 300 private vehicles and 10 large coaches. It is only a few steps away from the main entrance.



This small Christian sanctuary is situated within the building's main façade, just to the left. It dates back to the 19th century, when it was built for Sunday worship, and can now be used for any type of intimate religious ceremony.



Located to the south of the complex, a small selection of animals live freely in this area in a rustic atmosphere. Children can enjoy this space where they can learn about the animal kingdom close up.

We organise all types of events

Weddings, Baptisms, First Communions, Corporate events...