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A unique experience


Prepare to discover one of the places of Alicante province with a lot of charm.

Located in the heart of the Marina Alta región, Casa Benigalip is more than a old XVIII century country house, is a unique space with more than 50.000 square meters where there are a perfect combination between the far past and the current present, the traditional architecture with the most avant-garde elements or the typical cuisine with the new cuisine technologies.

Casa Benigalip is much more than a environment, into its walls breathe elegance, history, tradition and luxury, it´s a unique experience thanks to a design hotel a wonderful gardens and infinite spaces to lose oneself.

Into our walls breathe elegance, history, tradition and luxury.


7 Functional Spaces

Infinite possibilities

We understand that on special days everything must to be perfect and as your wish, this is the reason why at Casa Benigalip has been all designed to give you the best moment.

Seven spaces has been created to transform your dreams into events

The most important is the Hotel Casa Benigalip, around it the visitor can find the two big gardens (Olive Trees Garden & Main Garden). Near to last one, there are a multifunctional space named Albero & Stone, this place that is in front of the big Outdoor Pergola.

Other available spaces are the chillout, the parking, the farm or the agricultural lands.


We can adapt to the needs of any kind of events

Success Guaranteed

Our large exterior surface and our interior options make any kind of event that can be developed within our walls, be a guarantee of success for you and your guests.


At Casa Benigalip we offer all our complex to the couples to make this event special and wonderful.


We are ready to develop all kind of family events as Christenings, Christian communions or special events.


We can develope big and small corporate events at Casa Benigalip.

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We transform your dreams into reality

50.000 square meters where it combines perfectly the far past and the current present.