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Casa Benigalip is
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History - Old Picture

Casa Benigalip's first historical reference dates back to the height of the Roman Empire (3rd century AD), when a Roman villa once stood on the current space. This is proven by the fact that ceramic remains have been discovered here.

This house, together with other nearby buildings, formed part of a new type of agricultural holding, which was a groundbreaking work system of the time, and consisted of applying the technological advancements available to create a much more efficient distribution of spaces and concentration of people. All the life of the era revolved around Casa Benigalip, where olives were cultivated, the economic engine in this part of the Roman Empire.

History - Old Picture

Later the farm was abandoned at the end of the 3rd century AD, to reappear 900 years later in the "Llibre de Repartiment" (Ledger of Distribution) where King Jaume I granted in 1258 the Abengalip farmhouse to fifteen families of Christian settlers with its respective lands for exploitation

After the Reconquest (13th century AD), the farmhouse lost importance after forming part of the municipality of Pego as a rural area. During the first few decades of the 20th century, four families who were responsible for tending and exploiting the adjoining land occupied the farmhouse.

History - Old Picture

Restoration works on the house and grounds commenced at the beginning of 2005, extending the plot and surrounding land to create an exclusive and unique setting.