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Casa Benigalip is
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History - Old Picture

The first historic testimony of Casa Benigalip has its origins into the Roman Empire (III BC century) where a romanic villa occupied the current space. We have found ruins of ceramic materials that prove it.

This villa and other near to Casa Benigalip used a new form to work the agricultural fields, where the people who worked applied the technological advances availables at that time, with an eficient location of the spaces and the concentration of the people.All life revolved around Casa Benigalip, where the Olive cultivation was the engine of the economy at this part of the Roman Empire.

History - Old Picture

Later the villa was abandoned at the end of the III BC Century, to reappear 900 years later at the book “Libro de Reparto” where the King Jaume I awarded in 1258 the villa of Benigalip with the lands to fifteen Christian settlers for its agricultural exploitation.

After the reconquest (XIII AC Century), the villa lost its importance due to entry into the municipality of Pego town as rural departure. During the first decades of the XX century, the villa was occupied by four families that look after and Exploitation of the lands. After that, the villa was not used and the environment was damaged.

History - Old Picture

In 2005 started the renewing of all the villa and the spot, expanding the lands to create a unique and exclusive place.