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Success Guaranteed


Polyvalence. It is undoubtedly the word that best defines the Casa Benigalip complex.

We can develope big and small events. Our large exterior surface and our interior options make any type of act that can be developed between our walls, be a guarantee of success for you and your guests.


We will help you to make everything perfect.

We are ready to develop all kind of family events as Christenings, Christian communions or special events, the human team of Casa Benigalip will advise you and will help you to get that everything be perfect.

The family and its happiness must be a priority in our lives. For this reason, be together to celebrate important moments is necessary. The complex of Casa Benigalip has been specially designed for it and we can help you to your event, be perfect.


The coming of a new member of the family is moment of big happiness that need a celebration. Both if you want an intimate event or bigger celebration, Casa Benigalip offers to you the possibility to develop into its complex.

Christian communion

Take the Sacrament of the Eucharist is one of the most important moments of the Christian Faith. The kids wait for it with big illusion and develop the event at our complex, will full us of pride.

Other events

A birthday, a silver or gold wedding, a promotion at work or a request for a hand, are some of the other events that we can more intimately host in our facilities.


Go outside of the office and enter into a relaxed and natural environment all people like, including employers and clients.

Develop a corporate event at our installations, is the key of the successful to improve the corporate relationships.

We are ready to develop a big annual meeting with a big infrastructure or a little weekend meeting of the board of directors for the introduction of the annual objectives.

We can adapt to the needs of your company and help to the Marketing Director with the organization thanks to our large list of suppliers of all kind of services.

At our installations grow business.

Centuries of history mixed with the avant-garde hosting all the amenities that you need for your company and your business.