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Success Guaranteed


Versatility. Undoubtedly the word that best defines the Casa Benigalip complex. 

We can adapt to suit all types of events, be it large-scale or small and intimate. Our wide choice of large outdoor areas and indoor options will make a resounding success of whatever type of event you choose to host here, for you and your guests.


Helping you to create a perfect event

We are fully prepared for hosting any type of family celebration such as First Communions, Baptisms or special parties. The team of experts at Casa Benigalip will help and advise you so that everything turns out perfectly.

The happiness of our family should be a main priority in our lives. That's why getting them together to celebrate landmark moments is so important. The environment at Casa Benigalip has been specially designed for this purpose and we can help you make your day simply perfect.


The arrival of a new family member is a moment of immense happiness and worthy of a celebration. If you are looking for an intimate gathering or a big party, Casa Benigalip offers you the possibility to celebrate it within our walls.

First Communions

Receiving the Eucharist for the first time is one of the first major moments in the Christian Faith. Children look forward to it with great joy and to celebrate it here with us fills us with pride.

Other events

A birthday, a silver wedding anniversary, a promotion at work or an engagement, these are just some of the many other events we can help you to organise in the intimate surrounding of our complex.


To leave the office and step into a relaxing and natural environment is something everyone deserves, including your employees or clients.

Hosting a corporate event in our facilities is the key to successfully improving your company's relationships.

We are fully prepared for hosting a large annual conference with all the necessary infrastructures, or a small weekend meeting for the top management to present its annual targets.

We can adapt to your company's needs, assisting your marketing director with the organisation, thanks to our extensive list of suppliers for all types of services.

We can help grow your business.

Centuries of history blended with modernity, offering all the comforts and conveniences you need for your company and your business.